Air Velocity Transmitter

New Image AVT-min

 Temperature and air velocity transmitter
Ranges from 0-5 m/s to 0-30 m/s and 0 to +50.0 C, -20 to +80.0 C, -50 to +50.0 C, 0 to +100.0 C
0-10 V or 4-20 mA output

Works For High/Low Pressure


Filter Status
Duct Static Pressure
Clean Room Pressure
Building Pressure
Fan and Blower Pressure
Paint Booths
Dust Collectors
Glove Box Pressure
Bubbler Systems
Laminar Flow Hoods
Cabinet Purging
HVAC and Clean Room Monitoring
Monitoring Incoming and Outgoing Air (energy Management) In HVAC Applications
Filter Monitoring And Laminar Flow Control In Cleanrooms
Exhaust Systems, Exhaust Hoods And Glove Boxes In The Pharmaceutical,
Bio and Semiconductor Industries
Mass Flow Measurement During Incineration Processes
Monitoring and Measurement Of Compressed Air Systems
Air Conveying Systems
Wind Tunnels and Climate Simulators

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